Simply Perfect American Pancakes

For some time now I was looking for the best recipe for “”American Pancakes” – I’m calling them like this because I’m not an American and also because in my country we have a different recipe for pancakes – I will post it soon for you to try that one also.

For such a simple dish – flour, milk, salt, butter, eggs, backing powder – there are certainly a looottt  of recipes out there. And not just variations (read: blueberry, chocolate chip); but hundreds and hundreds of recipes for just… plain… pancakes. So, I figure that American pancakes recipe must not be so easy to make if so many recipes are out there and so many people searching for it. So, here it’s mine recipe also for the Simply Perfect American Pancakes.


The perfect balance of ingredients: Flour for body, baking powder for rise, eggs for structure, butter for richness, and milk to bring it all together.

Put the following in a mixing bowl:

3 large eggs
140 ml milk

Beat the eggs and milk until light and foamy, about 3 minutes at high speed of a stand or hand mixer.

Whisk together the following:

120 gr flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar

Stir into the milk/egg.

Add 3 tablespoons melted butter or vegetable oil. Stir it in.

Notice how this batter drips off the spatula in a narrow stream; it’s pretty thin. I’m going to let it rest for at least 15 minutes, while my griddle is heating; it’ll thicken slightly.

Heat a heavy frying pan over medium heat. Lightly grease the frying pan or griddle. The pan or griddle is ready if a drop of water skitters across the surface, evaporating immediately.

Drop 1/4 cup full of batter onto the lightly greased griddle.

Cook on one side until bubbles begin to form and break, about 2 minutes.

Then turn the pancakes and cook the other side until brown, about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.

Serve immediately. First comes the butter…and then the cherry jam – made by me – recipe soon on the site  .

Look at that lovely interior! Nice and light.

The weekend’s here –  so you can give it a try.

Then add your review – I’d love to hear what you think 🙂


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