Moving to my self-hosted site

Hello everyone,

This weekend I’ve moved by blog with all my delicious recipes and content on a self-hosted site. It was an idea researched for a while and I hope it is a good decision and I will see some improvement in stats.

I have to give a big ”Thank you ! ” to my fiancé  that helped me a lot with this move; without him I would never have finished so quick.

I hope you will like my new Theme, that is more fresh, easy to use and puts more accent to the pictures . So, from now one I have to try to better  my food photography . That means great food, camera, lightning and don’t forget the props !

I will be taking all of you guys with me as I move all your comments and all my followers in the new place. You don’t have to change anything, the new home will respond to the name

I hope you like my new and improved site and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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